A warning from a Cuban human rights leader

This week, Dr. Biscet wrote a devastating account of things in Cuba. This is from Newsweek via Babalu:

It is sometimes said that when people slide into bankruptcy, they do so gradually, then suddenly.

The same can be said of bankrupt governments, including the communist regime that has ruled Cuba for 63 years. The slow deterioration of Cuban society that began with the Cuban revolution in 1959 has intensified in recent years. Today, many Cubans wonder how long it will be until the government collapses entirely.

The signs of impending collapse are everywhere.

Dr. Biscet goes on:   

Perhaps the most striking evidence of the regime’s weakness is seen in the record number of people fleeing the island. 

In the fiscal year through the end of August, some 200,000 Cuban migrants were detained by U.S. officials after crossing the U.S. Southern border, an increase of more than 400 percent from 2021. That means nearly 2 percent of the entire population of Cuba has fled in just the last year.

Many of those who remain survive on remittances sent from family and friends living abroad. They stand in hours-long lines to obtain even the most basic food and medicine. Power outages remain common, and discontent hangs heavy in the air.

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