In Cuba, abortion is birth control

Someday, we will look back at how the Castro regime devastated Cuba, from the economy to freedom to free abortions.

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie serves on the advisory board for The Catholic Association.   She recently wrote some very troubling information about Cuba and abortion:

The main form of “birth control” is abortion, my patients tell me. Condoms and pills are hard to get, and they come and go according to the daily whims of the government.

Abortion, on the other hand, is free, ubiquitous, and taught aggressively in state education as an action entirely devoid of moral meaning.

So what is the result of this moral depravity?   As Dr. Pozo-Christie wrote:

“…..women in Cuba have almost entirely ceased to give birth.

In about 50 years, experts predict that over 40 percent of Cubans will be over 60.”

A sad story to say the least.   Or better put, the fruits of a corrupt leadership.

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