Planned Parenthood videos? How about abortions in Cuba?

As we watch the latest Planned Parenthood video, we are reminded of a few realities about abortion in Cuba.

According to Anthony Lobaido, abortion has created a demographic crisis in the island:

“According the Cuban government statistics, 60.2 percent of all pregnancies on the island end in abortion.

This is the highest number of any nation in the Western Hemisphere. Other attempts at an empirical analysis of Cuban abortion show 130,000 live births with just less than 85,000 abortions in a typical year. (South Korea has the lowest birthrate in the industrialized world, due to the government wishing to boost GDP figures, gendercide against females and the fact that abortion is a money maker for Korean hospitals.)

Under Soviet communism, the average Russian woman might have had as many as 13 abortions in her lifetime.

In Cuba, abortions, like funerals, are actually funded by the government. (“The abortion is the baby’s funeral,” many Cubans say.) Those who have opposed abortion in Cuba have been mercilessly beat up by the state intelligence apparatus.”

We are reminded that Dr Oscar Elias Biscet got in trouble for refusing to perform a chemical abortion.

As we watch these horrific videos, we think of the thousands of Cuban babies aborted over the years!