About that big march in Mexico

My wife and I spent much of our lunch today checking videos and messages from friends in Mexico City.  Many people marched south of the border, rejecting President Lopez-Obrador’s changes to the electoral process.  This is one of those reports:   

Huge crowds gathered across Mexico on Sunday to oppose a government drive to shrink the independent electoral authority, arguing the changes threaten democracy, in what appeared to be the largest protests yet against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s administration.

Organizers said in Mexico City over 500,000 people attended, with video footage on social media showing a central Zocalo square filled with protesters. One police officer nearby said he had heard the half a million figure, while others gave lower estimates.

I don’t have an estimate except that I saw videos of Mexicans marching, waving their flags, and singing their national anthem.  The marches also happened in other Mexican cities as well as worldwide.  I don’t remember anything like this in Mexico before.  At the same time, we have not seen the likes of AMLO before.

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