Padre Alberto Leaves the Church


Padre Alberto Cutié has left the Catholic Church and will become a member of the Episcopal church. He made this announcement with his girlfriend at his side at a press conference today. He asked for his privacy to be respected and said that his personal struggle should not taint the committment that so many priests have made to the Church.

He said he wanted to have a family and that his decision was not made over the past few weeks, but rather, over a lot of time, and he knew he could serve God and have a family as well.

He was removed from his parish after pictures of him kissing his girlfriend surfaced, after which he told Teresa Rodríguez of Aquí and Ahora, ”I can say, with sincerity, that she’s a woman I love.” He plans to marry Ruhama Buni Canellis, whom he has known for ten years and has been romantically involved with for two.

The former Padre Alberto is not yet an Episcopal priest, as he has to attend classes to go from lay ministry to priest over the course of a year. His new church is located at Griffin Boulevard in Biscayne Park in Miami.