Adios, NBA

Sports is back, and that’s the good thing. However, you can keep the NBA because I have no desire to watch it. 

A couple of nights ago, all of the players took a knee in some kind of political statement. I guess they were trying to tell us how bad life is in these United States of America. Sorry, but I am not watching a bunch of athletes who don’t realize how lucky they are to be living and playing in the U.S. They should be standing up and thanking God that they were born here. 

It takes no courage to kneel in a country that allows you to do it.  This is from Jason Whitlock:

There’s no risk or courage involved in taking a knee in 2020. The disobedience and rebellion will be shown by the athlete, coach, executive or media member willing to defy his/her corporate overlord. 

Don’t act out this big exercise in unity by taking a knee. I’d be a lot more impressed if you would actually call on China to stop torturing dissidents or denying human rights in Hong Kong. 

Please stop all the serious looks and speeches about repression. My guess is that most NBA players do not live in these neighborhoods, their wives don’t shop in “the bodega” burned up in Chicago, and their kids are not stuck in lousy public schools in blue districts.So

I’m done with the NBA. 

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