An “extra loco” left losing it over Trump


Two weeks of Trump, and it looks to me that his critics have gone crazy, or “extra loco,” as my mother used to yell at us in Spanish when she thought we were acting strange.

Maybe this state of “extra loco” is a natural consequence of what happened on Election Night.  After all, most of these people thought Election Day was just a formality to Mrs. Clinton’s sweeping electoral victory.

And the media is even worse.

They’ve gone from eating out of Obama’s hand to biting Mr. Trump’s.

They’ve gone from silly poodles to pit bulls in a dogfight.

The media protected Obama, from “Fast and Furious” to the IRS to Benghazi, and now they want to tear up Trump over everything.

As you may remember, I did not start out as a Trump supporter.  However, I’m on his side now, especially after watching the other side freak out over everything.

Memo to anti-Trumpistas: Take a couple of aspirins with a glass water, and remember that you’ve got four more years of President Trump. Maybe eight years!

And it won’t look any prettier on Election Day 2018, with so many Democrats running in red states.

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