An open letter to Cleber LLC in Alabama

Dear Sirs:

We learned today that the Obama administration has approved the opening of your plant in Cuba.

According to news reports,  your company will manufacture tractors and sell them to Cubans and or Latin America farmers.

As a Cuban American, I have some concerns about this project:

1) Will you be hiring your own employees or “rent them” from the Castro regime as we’ve seen with other investments in the island?

Why is this important?  The answer is that we do not want the Castro regime to continue the exploitation of the island’s workers.   Cuba should not turn into Vietnam!

2) Why didn’t you build your tractors in Alabama? Couldn’t they use the jobs there?

3) Are you familiar with the lack of freedoms in Cuba?  Why subsidize the dictatorship?  Why not build the factory after Cubans are free of the Castro regime?

It’s a shame that your management team has chosen to do business with an anti-US dictatorship that has shown little regard for the capitalist system that we assume you believe in.

Again, I hope that you cancel your plans and stand with the Cuban people not the Castro regime.

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