And my Cuban mother said: ‘Beisbol el Viernes Santo?’

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Allow me a departure from current events to share some memories of our first Easter in the U.S.

It was indeed a welcome sight to see the first signs of spring after heavy snowstorms in February and January.   

I am talking about Wisconsin where winter started early and lasted into March. 

It was also a time for a few cultural adjustments for this Cuban kid embracing his new homeland. 

We came from a very traditional Spanish Easter culture. 

We called it “Semana Santa” or Holy Week. Our first encounter with Easter in the U.S. was indeed a cultural shock. My parents did not understand the bit about going to the beach for Easter, for example.     

My favorite recollection of our first Easter was hearing my mother’s reaction to a major league game on TV. She looked at me and said: “They play baseball on Good Friday?”

Have a wonderful Easter however you celebrate the holiday. To be honest, Easter brings me a lot of memories of my parents and grandparents. 

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