Now Sen. Menendez criticizes Mexico’s AMLO

Last week, President Andres Lopez-Obrador was a bit irate, or “molesto” as they say in Mexico. He reacted to Senator Lindsey Graham’s call to name the cartels as terrorist organizations.  AMLO threatened to tell Mexican Americans to punish the GOP for saying stuff like that. How dare you, gringo?

Well, let’s hear what AMLO is saying this week because a Democrat is now calling out his “hugs rather than bullets” approach to national security.  This is from Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey via Pulse News Mexico:    

Menendez’s criticism comes on the heels of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham presenting an initiative to add Mexican drug cartels on the list of foreign terrorist organizations, and Republican lawmakers Dan Crenshaw and Michael Waltz proposing a bill to give U.S. President Joe Biden the authority to use the U.S. Army against Mexican drug cartels.

López Obrador called these proposals “propaganda” and “aggression by the Republicans against Mexico.” However, Menéndez adding his voice to the growing international clamor for Mexico to take security, drug trafficking and democracy seriously makes it complicated for AMLO to pin the blame on mere “Republican aggression.”

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