And now the overreaction!

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For many years, sports journalist Randy Galloway had a radio sports show in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. On Mondays, or the day after the Cowboys’ game, he’d call it “Overreaction Monday”, or an opportunity for every fan to say whatever was in their minds about the team, players, or coaches. It was often hilarious, especially when fans called in their latest conspiracy theories about this or that.

So let’s do “Overreaction Day” and talk about Tuesday’s elections.

Just saw a headline on AOL about a “bombshell election.” Where was that election? Did I miss a huge upset somewhere?

In reality, we saw Democrats win elections that they were supposed to win.

Did anyone seriously think that Mayor De Blasio would be defeated in New York City? I think that the real story in New York City had to be electoral apathy. Maybe that’s what happens when a small group of voters pay the overwhelming majority of taxes!

Did anyone expect Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno of New Jersey to keep the seat after Governor Christie? I’m amazed that she got 44% of the vote.

Over in Virginia, I expected a closer vote but not necessarily a GOP victory. Mr. Northam got 53%, a majority but no landslide!

So what can we say about Tuesday?

The Democrats are winning elections in “blue areas” or a state like Virginia gradually flooded by federal employees.

What happens now?

First, Tuesday’s results confirmed that Democrats are excited, although I have not seen any evidence that they can win a district or state held by a strong incumbent Republican.

Second, the GOP Congress needs to get the message that voters expect tax and health care reform. You can’t promise to repeal Obama Care and then not do it when you have the votes.

Congratulations to the winners, although Governor-elect Murphy will soon realize that New Jersey voters are angry and will turn on him quickly. Yes, Christie had “Bridgegate” and “Beachgate” but Mr. Murphy will now inherit a total mess with unfunded public pensions, collapsing infrastructure and voters who are sick and tired of paying taxes. Good luck with that!

Governor elect Northam will face an angry left that has already turned on him over sanctuary cities.

As in sports, there are no guarantees. However, the GOP could guarantee itself winning in 2018 by keeping its promises and showing that it can govern.

Or, the GOP can continue to look incompetent and give the Democrats any opening in 2018!

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