“Connecting the Dots” exposes Obama’s fraud


Agustin Blazquez’ documentary, Connecting The Dots is an expose of the lies, deception, scam and fraud of Obama and his supporting network of organizations that helped him win the presidency, the financing behind the organizations and the connections with George Soros and the Communist Party U.S.A. It is the story of Obama and his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, based on a 600-page FBI file. It is a must see documentary for all Americans that must be distributed to all your friends that aren’t informed about what is going on behind closed doors and shamefully hidden by the mainstream liberal media.

The trailer:

Get your copy here, and share with your friends and neighbors. If you also have 2016: Obama’s America, you’ve got the perfect debunk the lies of Obama movie night.

Nancy Griffin says of Connecting the Dots:

Found that, “Connecting the Dots” to be excellent, informative and the visual was fantastic. Background music was perfect choice for the documentary.

Tina Trent was superb. Very calm, clear explanation of facts. Nice touch filming her while in car while driving in rain storm. Added touch of viewing DC while Tina was speaking through window was dynamite. She is a natural on the screen and rates five stars in my book.

Good to see Anita Moncrief. She has important message to relay to Americans. Had difficulty understanding, Anita, and what she was saying. She spoke too fast and for some reason there was a tin sound or possibly echo resonating from the hall way she was speaking from. Anita is one brave young lady and I admire her very much for the stand she took against Acorn.

James Simpson, was easy to understand, great presentation. He was a big plus for the documentary. He knew his facts and was memorable. Very credible source of facts he presented.

As, always, Cliff Kincaid explained all facts, step by step, His investigation of all of the leads from Trevor Loudon was impressive. He truly connected all the dots and his summation was believable.

Special effects were impressive. Fading in and out, fireworks in background, change in texture of skin to denote different individuals. Viewing different states, the downtown areas, different cultures kept the viewer from looking away or losing interest.

Overall I believe you and James have a winner on your hands. All featured speakers were believable. The stories they had to tell were relevant to what is going on in America today.

Your documentary, “Connecting the Dots,” is precisely what the average American citizen needs to view before deciding on who to vote for in the November 6, 2012, election.

I applaud you both for your vision and taking time to complete this courageous explanation of well documented facts about what is going on behind the scenes in the United States of America today.