Be careful voting for a US politician who spent his honeymoon in Havana



The Mayor de Blasio Show, and it is a heck of a show, has a new act.  It turns out that Mr. de Blasio left his magnificently run city to participate in the G-20 demonstrations:

This makes sense once you remember that ostentatiously signaling one’s virtuous opposition to Trump is the highest calling of a leftist politician right now.

The police commissioner can handle the aftermath of the shooting of Miosotis Familia and the MTA can deal with the city’s deteriorating subway system.

But who’s going to manage the very important task of grandstanding about the president to foreigners at a G20 protest halfway around the world?

Most Democrats won’t travel more than a few hundred miles to register their anti-Trump dissent. De Blasio’s willing to cross the ocean. That’s commitment.

To be fair, Mr. de Blasio will be back for the police officer’s funeral.  Nevertheless, it is a disgrace, not to speak of the incredible expense of protecting the mayor of a large U.S. city in the middle of a bunch of anarchists confronting the authorities.

It would have been an act of justice if he had been picked up by one of those German police keeping order.  It would have been delightful to have Mr. de Blasio spend an evening in jail with a bunch of anarchists who’d probably jump on him once they learn that he is the head of the city where Wall Street is located.

As any New York City resident will tell you, and I know quite a few of them, the homeless crisis is a crisis, indeed, and the subway system is not exactly running as it used to.

Sadly, the financial center of the U.S. is run by a man who went to Cuba for his honeymoon.  The city council is run by a woman who invited a terrorist to a parade.

This is bizarre, since the only people who honeymoon in Cuba are Cubans who are stuck in the island.

Prior to Castro, Cuba was a destination for many U.S. honeymooners, but they went to enjoy the fine hotels and beautiful beaches.  They didn’t travel to the island to acquaint themselves with the wonders of socialism or to live out “fidelista” fantasies.

De Blasio is sort of lucky.  He runs a huge city dominated by one political party.  There is no viable opposition and the GOP is dead.  So Mr. de Blasio will likely be reelected and then head to Havana for a campaign rest.

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