Beto wants debates in Spanish

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In Spanish, we used different words to describe foolishness. Cubans say “que payaso” or what a clown. Mexicans say “payasada” or clownish. Some use a different word not suitable for this post.

Over the 34 years that I’ve lived in Texas, I have never met a Hispanic who complained that political debates were in English or not in Spanish.

This week, Representative Robert O’Rourke challenged Senator Cruz to six debates and two in Spanish:

O’Rourke campaign manager Jody Casey made the proposal in a letter last week to Cruz’s senior staff, adding that the debates should have “media reach to all twenty markets in the state.”

Well, we are silly, aren’t we?

This is what I am talking about with my Hispanic friends these days:

1) The Democrats had huge majorities in the House and Senate and never passed immigration reform or DACA;

2) We did not have much economic growth in the Obama years;

3) President Obama drew a red line in Syria but they there were no consequences;

4) There are elections in Mexico and leftist Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador may win;

5) There is a huge border crisis in Venezuela-Colombia and Venezuela-Brazil;

6) Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu made an amazing presentation about Iran and it will probably impact President Trump’s upcoming decision on the deal;

7) Why do Democrats continue to support abortion, especially after 20 weeks?

And other stuff that you read in the front pages everyday.

Yes, sometimes we speak in Spanish, especially with my mother, older Cubans, or over the phone with friends who live in Latin America.

I repeat: no one has mentioned anything about voting yes or no because the debate was or was not in Spanish.

My guess is that Mr. O’Rourke knows he is going to lose and has already started playing the race card.

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