Beto’s ‘problema’

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As happened with Miss Wendy Davis, the 2014 Democrat candidate for governor who lost by 20 points to current governor Greg Abbott, Democratic Senate candidate Mr. Robert O’Rourke will have to tell Texas where he stands.

His magical ride, paid for by lots of money from outside Texas, will sooner or later end up in a debate with Senator Ted Cruz. We are expecting that Senator Cruz will expose the congressman from El Paso as a man a lot closer to Senator Sanders than President Trump.

This is from Gromer Jeffers, Jr of the Dallas Morning News:

Here’s a sampling of how O’Rourke is different from Republicans.

He’s against building a wall to keep immigrants from illegally crossing the southern border, and supports a path to citizenship for the millions of people in the country without authorization.
He wants to expand Medicaid and would push Texas to take federal funding under the Affordable Care Act. Abbott and former Gov. Rick Perry rejected to deal.
As part of criminal justice reform, he would legalize marijuana to help end the prison pipeline that adversely impacts minority residents.
He proposes spending tax dollars on early childhood education, including a proposal that would allot $10,000 a year per student.
He would vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Cruz is on the opposite side of all of those policy positions, and that’s why it’s hard to take these polls showing a tight race seriously.

And let’s not forget that Senator Cruz got more votes in the March primary than the million who voted Democrat.

O’Rourke is more telegenic than Cruz but Davis was more telegenic than Abbott in 2014, too.

At some point, voters will walk into a booth and vote issues. That’s when Cruz wins by 10 points!

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