What a shock: Crime up, Biden down

A new poll has bad news for President Biden. It sure looks as if Americans are in a bad mood, from filling their gas tanks to buying foodstuffs or feeling safe from criminals.  This is from ABC News:    

President Joe Biden is facing significant skepticism from the American public, with his job approval rating lagging across a range of major issues, including new lows for his handling of crime, gun violence and the economic recovery, a new ABC/Ipsos poll finds.

As the White House confronts rising and widespread concern about inflation, Americans are especially negative on how the Biden administration is managing this issue.

What do you expect?   We understand that crime is a local issue.  In other words, we look to mayors and governors to tackle street gangs and criminals.   At the same time, we do look for the President for some leadership or at least protecting our streets from incompetent and indifferent local leaders.

The White House likes to talk about sending money to cities.  So what does money do if local leadership won’t tackle crime directly?   This is a sample of the problem:    

At least 12 major U.S. cities have broken annual homicide records in 2021 — and there’s still three weeks to go in the year.  Of the dozen cities that have already surpassed the grim milestones for killings, five topped records that were set or tied just last year.   

From Chicago to Philadelphia, it’s a killing field out there.   At some point people look to the mayor or the governor or finally the President for help.   What do you do when no one seems to care?  You scream and give the President bad polling numbers.

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