Biden fumbles twice

As in previous campaigns, some historian or journalist will write a version of “The making of a President, 2020.”  My guess is than an honest author will look back at the two things that Mr. Biden did wrong.

First, he picked Kamala Harris for vice president.  She does not add a single vote to his effort.  Also, she is hurt by the reality that Biden will be the oldest president if he assumes office.  You can’t blame voters for looking beyond Biden and wondering what a Harris presidency would look like.

Second, Biden gave up “the law and order” issue.  In fact, his speech did not a say a word about it.  Not even a “thumbs up” for the men and women protecting us from coast to coast.  

President Trump hit the right points in his speech.  I thought that it was a bit too long, but that’s me. Nevertheless, it was a good speech as Stephen Kruiser wrote:     

It’s easy to see why the Dems were running around barking “Hatch Act!” like scared chihuahuas all week. That speech with that backdrop was light years beyond that hostage-situation video that the DNC ended on last week.

Yes, it was a great week for the GOP and let’s see how much campaigning Joe Biden will actually do.

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