Biden has a Cuban problem in Florida

My friends in Florida tell me that President Trump will carry Florida. They cite intense Cuban and now Venezuelan support.  I think that this is a consequence of Senator Bernie Sanders’ statements about Cuba and Joe Biden’s unwillingness to distance himself from those foolish pro-Castro remarks.

So now we hear that Michael Bloomberg is investing in Florida to support Mr. Biden. He has pledged $100 million to help him.   

It won’t work because this is not about money.  Instead, this is about Cubans and Venezuelans who understand the dangers the country faces from left-wing politics. As a Venezuelan friend told me yesterday, what we see in US streets are mobs using Marxist-Leninist tactics.   

Speaking of mobs, I recall my late father always saying that the left wants chaos and will do whatever it takes to grab power. He saw that with his own eyes in Cuba.

So Bloomberg’s cash infusion won’t work.  I have never seen Cubans in the U.S. more concerned about the threat of the left since we came here. It’s obvious that such concern will translate into a Trump win in Florida.

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