Biden press conference: Did they want an audience?

Do you remember the last time a president held a noon central press conference?  It happens, but most presidents do it on prime time to connect with a large audience. Why did the White House put President Biden on at 10 a.m. Los Angeles time?  Or at noon in Dallas, when most people were working or driving to lunch? I would love to see audience figures. 

My guess is that the White House went out of its way to keep President Biden from viewers.  Didn’t they do the same thing during the campaign? 

My second point is about the media and the selections of correspondents called.  Peter Doocy of Fox News did not get a question, but CNN and PBS did.  Have you done a ratings comparison?    

President Biden claimed that Republican voters support him.  Really?  It’s amazing that no one in the press challenged the president on that.  He is wrong or selectively relying on polling data.  Again, no challenges. 

Another Democrat in the White House and another press corps working on his behalf.   And another poll that the public distrusts the media.  Wonder why? 

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