No “hope and change” for blacks in the Obama years

Let’s look at the US for a second.

I mean let’s take a look at the “sorry” state of black America under our first black president:

“For black Americans, age 16 and older, seasonally adjusted, the unemployment rate between July and August stayed the same at 11.4%, and that is up from the 10.7% rate in June.

The last time the black unemployment rate was 11.4% was more than 5 years ago, in October 2008. (It was at a low 7.6% in August 2007.)”

In a word:  Bad!

In two words:  It stinks!

In three words:  It’s stinkin’ bad!

It’s interesting but the article points out two things:

1) It was 7.6% under President GW Bush, further evidence that the Bush economy was better than he was given credit for.  The unemployment rate was under 5% for much of the GW Bush presidency; and,

2) Black youth unemployment is also very high.  It begs the question:  why are we talking about legalizing millions of people to compete with young blacks?

Of course, don’t expect the Black Congressional Caucus to say much.  I guess that they are rather busy these days making excuses for President Obama, using Ferguson to get the black vote out or visiting Cuba to talk “business” with Raul Castro.

Sadly, Cuba is another place where blacks are not doing very well either, as dissident Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera, the head of Cuba’s Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement, reminded the Caucus.

US blacks do have one big advantage over Cuban blacks.  They can change our leadership by voting differently or stop giving Democrats 90% of their vote automatically.  Cuban blacks don’t get a chance to vote for change.

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