Bolsonaro off and running down in Brazil

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During the presidential campaign, many of my Brazilian friends voted for Mr. Bolsonaro but doubted that he’d keep his campaign promises. It was sort of the Portuguese version of “all politicians make promises, you know.”

Yes, all politicians say things during the campaign that come back to haunt them, from “Mexico will pay for the wall” to “I will close Guantanamo.”

Down in Brazil, President Bolsonaro ran a very specific campaign by promising to end support for Cuban doctors, get tough on Venezuela, crack down on criminals making life miserable in most of the country, and stop people from coming into the country.

So far, he is fulfilling his promise about Cuban doctors and isolating Venezuela.

Let’s add another one:  President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil said Wednesday that his government would no longer be a party to a United Nations migration accord signed last month, arguing that “not just anyone can come into our home.”

This is a big promise for two reasons.  First, he is not going along with the UN or rejecting a corrupt organization.  Second, he is letting everyone know that he is looking out for Brazil.

So far, Bolsonaro is the real thing and moving beyond “Lula”.  In the end, that’s good news for Brazil!

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