Can someone tell Michael Moore that Cuba is out of medicine?

Cuba is going through hard times again and medicine is in very low supply, according to news reports:    

Locals on the island have complained in recent months that some drugs are so difficult to find that patients and their families are forced to camp out overnight at their local pharmacy, hoping to secure a prime place in line to purchase some of the small shipments when they arrive. 

The shortage is part of a larger economic crisis on the island that has forced Cubans to stand on lines for hours to buy basic goods like chicken, cooking oil, and flour.

As always, the regime blames everyone else but the system.   

They blame it on providers and banking problems.  In other words, foreign providers demand cash for their orders.  I guess that they are not selling to Cuba on credit anymore.  Can you blame them?  How many times has Cuba restructured its debts?

They blame it on poor domestic production, a problem that the regime has faced since it expropriated private companies in the 1960s.  In other words, once upon a time, Cuba produced its own medicine and imported the rest without difficulty.  We should add that many U.S. drug companies had facilities in Cuba and it worked very efficiently for the island’s consumers.  

They blame the embargo, although it does not stop any European, Canadian, or Latin American company from selling to Cuba.

They blame President Trump, last but not least.

Once again we see that Cuba’s health care system is a disaster.  Only Michael Moore and other leftists who benefit from private health care in the U.S. find something good to say about the Cuban health care system.

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