Che, burning in hell since 1967

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Che Guevara, the fellow on all those t-shirts at the left-wing rally, was captured and executed many years ago this week.

By 1965, Che faded from public life. He reappeared in 1966 in Bolivia where he hoped to bring about a revolution.

In October 1967, he was captured and executed by Bolivian troops.

Che subsequently became “the image” on all those t-shirts.  He became the ultimate anti-U.S. symbol, the image that every left-wing group goes to when its members have a gripe against the U.S.

Ironically, he was captured because the campaign in Bolivia failed miserably.  It failed for two reasons, as Humberto Fontova explained in “Exposing the real Che.”

1) Bolivia was not Cuba; and,

2) The natives in Bolivia never bought into the idea that a white guy from Argentina was there to save them.  In the end, it was the villagers he was trying to “liberate” who turned him in.  Again, the Bolivian campaign was a total failure.

Che was a murderer and a man who said awful things about blacks and Mexicans.  It’s hard to see how any liberal in the West would dare wear his image on a t-shirt!

He has been burning in hell since 1967. Let him burn!

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