Cheering for freedom over tyranny

Team USA beat Cuba rather easily to move to the WBC Title game. It was over when the Cuban team could not score with the bases loaded. They got a run on a walk, but nothing more. 

Once upon a time, communist Cuba dominated amateur baseball in much the same way the old USSR beat up college kids in hockey. “No mas!”

This weekend’s game may have been the clearest example that this is not much a rivalry at all, as Tom Verducci explained:  

By a 14–2 score that understates the talent gap, Team USA waxed a Cuban team loaded with cast-offs, 30-something Mexican League hangers-on and post-glory-days veterans who filled their all-red uniforms the way burly Boog Powell did those similarly monochromatic 1975 Cleveland unis, which were so bad the players back then offered to buy blue jerseys themselves.

It’s funny, but I had the same thought about Boog Powell and those horrible uniforms. The only good thing about those uniforms is that they were still called Indians rather than this silly “woke” Guardians.

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