The real torture is this “partisan one sided” report

The left needs to change the subject because the topic of “Obama” is not a pleasant one, specially for those who got deeply invested in “hope and change”.    

Watching Secretary Kerry before the US Senate arguing for another war resolution in the Middle East reminded me of just how uncomfortable the left must be with what the next two years will look like.

The latest in “changing the subject” is this so-called ‘torture” report about the Bush administration.

What a coincidence.   The report is released in the last 2 weeks of the Democrats controlling the US Senate.   Also, the report does not have a single GOP member on board.   

And did the report say that some of “the rendition sites” were actually started under President Clinton and continued under President Obama?   Has President Obama closed any of these sites?

The country deserves better than this partisan report.   Have we not learned a big lesson from ObamaCare?   One party efforts are usually bad and not credible.

Yes, we need to keep an eye on the CIA, or any other agency, that does not play by the rules.     However, this report does not do that.  It does not serve the country or truth.

Former Senator Kerrey got it right:

“It is important for all of us to remember how unprepared we were for the attacks of September 11, 2001 and how unprepared we were to do the things necessary to keep the country from being attacked again.

There was no operating manual to guide the choices and decisions made by the men and women in charge of protecting us.

I will continue to read the report to learn of the mistakes we apparently made. I do not need to read the report in full to know this:

We have not been attacked since and for that I am very grateful.”

Senator Kerrey is right in so many ways.

First, we were not attacked after 9/11 and have scored significant victories.   Unfortunately, the CIA can not publish a report “detailing” our scores but there have been many.   They can’t do “speeches” about their successes!

Second, what is the point of so much partisan second guessing?    Why now?  Why in the last weeks of a Democrat Senate evicted by the US voters?  

Third, there are many people, including the Obama appointed CIA Director Brennan, who believe that these techniques did save lives.

Unlike President Bush, who was in charge and responsible for the country’s security, Senator Feinstein and Democrats did not have to make those tough calls in the aftermath of 9-11.  

And yes it was a scary time as anyone old enough to remember will tell you!

Frankly, it’s a very sad day for the country and for all of those serious people who work at the CIA.

Yes, some mistakes were probably made in the heat of battle.    However, we were motivated by an honest and sincere effort to prevent other attacks and save lives.    No one tortured for the sake of torture, as the other side has done for years.

Finally, who appointed Senator Feinstein as “our values chief”?   Did she address the Obama “drones” who kill people, and lots of innocents, on a weekly basis?   Is that “a stain on our record” too? 

I hope that Senator Feinstein, and the others, sleep well at night.   They have done the country a terrible disservice.

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Our Lips Are UnSEALed

By rule, active duty military are not permitted to speak out publicly against their Commander in Chief. But contrary to what some are currently insisting, the return to “Freedom of Speech” comes with the retirement papers. After that, it is a right they, of all people, have earned. John Kerry more than openly exercised his free speech after returning from the Vietnam War.

In the last couple months a group of retired Navy SEALS and other Special Ops men have formed their own PAC (SOforAmerica) in the face of consistent and dangerous intel leaks from the Obama administration. They are outraged at the breach of security and the endangering of the war, missions, the CIA, and military members, not to mention civilians that work with our troops.

These former members of our military’s elite are being attacked as trying to “Swiftboat” Obama in this election. By the way, the Swiftboaters who spoke out against Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 election were correct. However, these men are speaking up for the currently active duty guys that are not permitted to. When asked about it Obama simply dismisses and tries to discredit them

“I don’t take these folks too seriously,” the president said. “One of their members is a ‘birther’ who denies I was born here, despite evidence to the contrary. You’ve got another who was a Tea Party candidate in a recent election … This kind of stuff springs up before election time.”

This, from the man who thinks so much of the Navy SEALS that he mass produces electronic pen-signed form letters to the families of the fallen.


By the way, Judicial Watch has uncovered and reports of “unusual access” permitted between Hollywood filmmakers and our highest levels of military intel and security. In addition a controversial book is about to be released that counters the Obama version of how Osama Bin Laden was killed. Former Navy SEAL officer and current Montana State Senator Ryan Zinke is also alleging this nation’s special operations community wants Obama out of the White House.

This is the latest ad from SOforAmerica …