Remember when snowstorms were blamed on “winter” not global warming?

In my younger days, I lived in Wisconsin and remember some of the nastiest snow storms in North America.   Frankly, the storms were fun because they cancelled school.   It probably wasn’t fun for my dad who couldn’t cancel work.
Back then, we used to call it “winter”, or that time of the year before the leaves of fall and the flowers of spring.   We expected snow and ice and everything else that came with it.  
I was remined of those days when I saw th is story.
A classic “Nor’easter” storm that brought a severe blizzard to New England finally subsides on this day in 1978, and the region begins to dig out from under several feet of snow. Over the previous 72 hours, some areas of Rhode Island and Massachusetts had received as many as 55 inches of snow.
Three major weather systems all converged near the Atlantic Coast on February 5, andNew York City was the first to be hit with a snowstorm. As the storm moved northeast, it stalled over Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, catching many of the region’s residents by surprise. It is estimated that 3,500 cars were abandoned on Massachusetts streets and highways and several people died in their vehicles on Interstate 93 when they became trapped. A college hockey playoff was played at the Boston Garden despite the weather, and many of the spectators were unable to return home.
On February 6, the blizzard whipped up powerful sustained winds of up to 50 miles per hour with gusts of nearly 100 mph. Fifty-foot waves on the Massachusetts coast wiped out seaside homes, while further north, in Maine, waves destroyed three lighthouses and an amusement pier.” 
Yes, I remember the TV news stories about the storm.   It was hard and sadly killed people in that area.
Here is the best part:  Nobody blamed it on global warming or climate change.  I guess that people back then were smart enough to know that the climate would change in the winter.
We know that the climate has changed for centuries.   We also know that “climate change” and “global warming” have been politicied enormously as Melanie Sturm wrote in “ Inconvenient truths denied by climate faithful
Nevertheless, it was refreshing to read something about bad weather that was not politicized or used by cynical politicians to promote their ideology.  Snow happens, specially in February!
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