Stop whining Hillary Clinton

In all fairness, it’s tough to lose an election. We remember the times that we lost, such as Mr. Romney coming up short in 2012. Frankly, I thought that Governor Romney was going to win and was depressed that he did not. I felt the he same loss about Senator McCain in 2008, President Bush in 1992, Senator Dole in 1996 and other examples.

Again, it hurts to lose and I’ve always understood that when the other side loses. In this case, the loss is compounded by the reality that most of the so called experts had Mrs. Clinton winning big.

Nevertheless, life goes on and no one wants a “whiner” or “sore loser”.

A few days ago, Mrs. Clinton spoke again about the election loss as reported by Gersh Kuntzman:

She also said she would discuss the mistakes she made during the campaign — then declined to mention even one. Instead, she fell back on the usual suspects: The Russians and FBI Director James Comey, who indeed meddled in the election at the last minute.

“If the election had been on Oct. 27, I would be your President,” she said.

Well, if the World Series was a “best of 5” then the Indians would have won!   It is a “best of 7” and the Cubs won the last 3 to win the trophy.

It’s time for Mrs. Clinton to stop talking about 2016 and go away as most of the others have done.

In the meantime. I hope that Democrats are taking note and moving beyond the Clintons and Obama. The Clintons are corrupt and Obama cost you a 1,000 seats!

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