CNN’s Jim Acosta goes after Trump voters

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CNN newsman Jim Acosta has a way of getting attention.

He shouted questions at President Trump when he was playing with children at the White House Easter Egg Hunt. He does a terrible imitation of Sam Donaldson.

And now he is apparently attacking Trump voters, saying:

Their elevator might not hit all the floors.

And that people who threaten reporters are Trump supporters.

Acosta on Wednesday said he did not intend to imply that people who threaten reporters are all supporters of President Trump.

“Regarding my interview with Variety, my comments have been twisted by some outlets,” he tweeted. “As you can plainly see, I’m not referring to Trump supporters. I am talking about people who threaten journalists.

O.K., I don’t pretend to read Acosta’s mind or to know what’s in his heart. Therefore, I prefer to listen to what he actually said. It sounds to me here that Acosta was indeed talking down the Trump voters.

Acosta was saying that President Trump’s attacks on the media may inspire someone to harm journalists.

To be honest, I do agree that President Trump tweets or attacks the media way too much, specially the networks with lousy viewership or newspapers losing money.

At the same time, his attacks on the media are no more vicious than what President Obama or Democrats said about Fox News. Did Jim Acosta ever say that those attacks threatened journalists?

Maybe someone at CNN will finally figure out that Jim Acosta is a ratings disaster. At the same time, I don’t watch him and my guess is that most of you don’t, either.

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