Comparing ICE agents to the Nazis who arrested Anne Frank’s family?

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They tell me timing is everything, or something like that.

How is this for timing and bad taste?

It was 74 years ago this week that Anne Frank and her family were arrested. As you remember the story, the family had been hiding from the Nazis in German-occupied Holland. They were eventually sent to various concentration camps

So how do a bunch of fools in L.A. remember the story? They do this:

“L.A. Production of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ Replaces Nazis with ICE Agents Hunting for ‘LatinX’ Illegals.”

Are you kidding me? ICE arrests people based on the rule of law. In many cases, the people arrested have extensive criminal records or are a threat to the community. Was that the case with the Frank family?

The people behind this production are totally ignorant of history or just too infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

What an insult to ICE agents and the memory of Anne Frank’s family.

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