A “human rights council” of countries who don’t guarantee human rights!

They took a vote at the UN yesterday.  The results speak very loudly about the UN and their so called “human rights council”.

According to news reports, the UK and France got less votes than Russia and China:

“In the Latin America contest, Cuba went up against Uruguay and Mexico for the two available seats. The result was Cuba 148, Mexico 135 and Uruguay 93.

Asia put up a closed slate, with four candidates running for four seats. All received well over the simple majority vote of 97 votes required – Vietnam (184), China (176), the Maldives (164) and Saudi Arabia (140). Jordan earlier pulled out of what would have been a competitive Asia contest, but still received 16 votes on Tuesday – presumably from democracies troubled by the lack of choice and nature of regimes on the slate.

In Africa, five countries went up for four seats, with South Africa (169), Algeria (164), Morocco (163) and Namibia (150) successful, and South Sudan (89) not.

The last two groups also offered closed slates, with France (174) and Britain (171) taking the two Western seats and Macedonia (177) and Russia (176) the two Eastern European ones.”

The UK and France are allies and democratic countries.  We can not say that about the others countries who got more votes!

Yes, this is a very sad day for human rights!

P.S. Here is my chat with Marc Masferrer about Cuba and the UN: