Communist Cuba “no se puede arreglar” and that is why change is near

It must be tough being Raul Castro these days. He tries this or that but Cuba is still a disaster. He yells at the younger generation but they are not paying attention. He wants people to be more productive but they are not.

Cuba can not be fixed. There is no version of a “Perestroika cubano” around the corner. It won’t work in Cuba anymore than it did in the USSR.

It’s over in Cuba. We’re just waiting for the referee to blow the whistle and say that the game is officially over.

Carlos Alberto Montaner discussed Cuba’s currency problems in his recent article.  He wrote this:

“What can Raúl Castro do to really straighten up Cuba’s economy?

Unquestionably, he must bury that asinine way to produce and organize society.

The system cannot be fixed.

Mikhail Gorbachev, who also tried to save communism, ended up admitting that such a goal was impossible, as happened in practically all of eastern Europe.

Why doesn’t Raúl Castro do this?

For three reasons at least, I suppose: for muddled ideological convictions that he has never shaken off; for clinging to power, and – the weightiest – for being emotionally incapable of accepting that he has spent 80 years defending wrong ideas.

It must be very hard to admit that the work of one’s whole life was a perfect blunder that generated massive damage.”

We will continue to watch Cuba and Cubans suffer more and more. There is no happy ending to this tragedy that the Castro brothers started in 1959.

The only good news is that the end is near.  It is a lot closer that you think.