Democrats cleaning “the Clinton swamp”!

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We are still talking about Donna Brazile’s book and its attack on Hillary Clinton.   However, I’m beginning to think that this book may be about to unleash the left wing of the Democrat party.

In other words, they will now attack the party’s establishment as corrupt.    Get ready for the Democrat version of “clean the swamp” or more specifically “the Clinton swamp”!

The latest is that Mrs. Clinton may have broken the law, as Gregg Jarrett explained:

The Federal Election Commission must immediately launch an investigation. So, too, must the Department of Justice and the FBI. It appears that Clinton may well have violated several laws which could constitute serious crimes.
First, federal law sets strict limits on campaign contributions.  Financial records must now be subpoenaed to determine whether these laws were broken. Given Clinton’s past record of shady transactions such as the Whitewater land deal and her sale of cattle futures, there is a strong chance that a document trail will lead investigators to multiple violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act.
Second, if Brazile’s account of Clinton’s artifice is true, it is likely that campaign finance reporting laws were broken under the same Act. Hiding campaign money through false or misleading campaign reports is illegal. In egregious cases it is a crime, not just a civil penalty.
Finally, the funneling of campaign funds from one source to another smacks of money laundering. Any transaction that seeks to conceal or disguise proceeds of illegal activity constitutes money laundering. So, if it can be shown that Clinton violated campaign contribution limits or reporting requirements, then the channeling of the proceeds from one source to another would be the “laundering” of it.

Jarrett may be right or wrong but his message will be welcomed by the left.

During the campaign, I remember watching Sanders’ voters on TV and it seemed that they hated Clinton and what she stood for.   The “Sanderistas”, as I started to call them, were young, idealistic, ignorant of economics but did show up to vote.   They were a huge contrast to the “Clintonistas” who seemed to be going through the motions at the rallies and speeches.

How could tell the difference between a supporter of Clinton and Sanders?   The Clinton voter avoided politics but the Sanders’ voter couldn’t contain his enthusiasm.

The left now has the closest thing to a smoking gun that they’ve ever had.     They know that Mrs. Clinton fixed the results and they will respond.

Unfortunately for Democrats, and very fortunately for President Trump, they will force the party further to the left.  They will “primary” establishment candidates in red states, and even blue states.

They will probably nominate Senator Warren in 2020.   She will lead the party to defeat and continuing losses in the Congress and state legislatures.

Did Donna Brazile mean to energize the left?   I don’t know but she did for sure!

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