“Sillas y golpes” when the Democrats gather in Nevada


We all got caught up in the Texas-Toronto baseball fight, a.k.a. “the Odor in Bautista’s face punch”!

However, that was not the only fight in the news.

How divided is the Democrat Party?   It got very nasty in Nevada between the Sanders and Clinton troops, according to news reports:

Supporters of Bernie Sanders lost their cool at the Nevada Democratic convention Saturday night after the Hillary Clinton campaign successfully challenged the credentials of 60 Sanders delegates–mostly for not being official Democrats.

Videos quickly emerged online showing Sanders supporters clashing with Clinton supporters and shouting down Clinton surrogate Senator Barbara Boxer of California. According to Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston, security ended the convention when Bernie’s supporters ramped up the action.

Frankly, the Sanders people are just starting to get angry.   Wait until they get to the convention and find out that the party nomination process is one gigantic fix to nominate Hillary Clinton.

Some will throw punches but most won’t vote for Clinton. That will be the biggest punch in the face of all!

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