Democrats in disarray over Dobbs 

The post-Roe world is not turning out the way that many Democrats had planned.  It’s fair to say that the Democrats thought that there’d be a tsunami against the GOP over Dobbs.  In other words, the voters would punish the GOP for taking their “rights” away.  In fact, it’s the Democrats who can’t explain their position. Why?  Because their views on abortion are so radical and hard to sell.  You know you’re trouble when you are mentioned in the same sentence as Cuba and we are talking about abortion, not baseball.

This is from Stephen L. Miller:    

Roe acted as a warm duvet over the operational procedures of abortion. 

It allowed Democrats to stand by a “pro-choice” talking point without having to defend it to a moderate electorate still not comfortable with a party willing to celebrate abortion. 

With Roe lifted, Democrats now have to go about the act of actually selling abortion by campaigning on it at state levels. 

For the first time in 50 years, national office seekers will have to specify their positions. 

Democrats will be forced either to stand firm on an unpopular extreme or moderate their positions and anger their base further. 

As of now, they cannot decide, and they are unprepared.

The pundits are also saying that the base is disenchanted because the White House was slow in responding thanks to the President being too old.  Maybe so, but the Roe supporters face two more problems:

First, candidates will have to answer a very simple question.  Are you comfortable turning off the baby’s heartbeat?  Abstract answers, like “it’s a woman’s body or it’s between the woman and her doctor, are no longer possible.”  We’re finally talking about the baby! Second, Roe‘s supporters will have to bring their game to the states’ legislatures. One side will scream and the other will vote for abortion restrictions. They’ve grown so used to having judges give them what they want that they don’t really know how to compromise or persuade people who don’t watch CNN.

So let the debate begin — because we will win.

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