Democrats in shock over “son of a b” but defend thousands of abortions every year

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Over the last week, a favorite Democrat refrain has been to express shock over President Trump’s “son of a…….” remark about NFL players.     Some say that last week’s “knees” were in response to those remarks.

At the same time, these same Democrats will defend thousands of abortions in the US.     It’s a woman’s choice, or so they call it.

The latest number on abortions in the US available was 644,000 in 2013.     It is estimated that over 35,000,000 abortions have taken place in the US since The Supreme Court wrote “Roe v Wade”.       To put that number in some context, the population of California was 39 million in 2016.

Go figure and explain the Dems’ selective outrage over a choice of words versus a choice of life.

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