Cuba’s “flawed freedom ways”

According to a news report, Cuba will allow dissidents to travel overseas. However, there is a catch as one would expect from anything that comes from the Castro regime.

Cuba has given some prominent dissidents one-time permission to travel overseas, weeks before President Obama is expected to visit and call for greater freedoms in Cuba.

Officials contacted half a dozen dissidents who were imprisoned during a 2003 crackdown and released as part of a deal brokered by the Roman Catholic Church in 2010 and told them they could make one trip abroad, said Hector Maseda Gutiérrez, one of the dissidents. He turned down the offer because it excluded four other former prisoners, including José Daniel Ferrer, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba.

This is an insult to Cuban dissidents and those of us who love freedom.

First, a free country does not give dissidents “one time permission” to travel.   On the contrary, it lets them travel freely and to have contacts with international groups and media.

Second, the so-called permission should not exclude any prisoner of conscience.

Sadly, nothing has changed in Cuba except for the Castro family’s fortunes, political and economic.

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Obama throws the dissidents under “la gua gua”


The moment has arrived.   We heard a few minuts ago that Cuba and the US will be opening embassies, although it may be a bit more complicated than President Obama thinks.

What did we get from Cuba?    NADA!

What is Cuba getting?   MUCHOS DOLARES!

As we speak, there are fugitives from US law in Cuba, such as Joanne Chesimard who killed a New Jersey state trooper and hiding under Castro’s protection.

“Zero” from President Obama about the thousands of US citizens who had their property stolen by the Castro regime.  It adds up to $ 7 billion!

This is an outrage.    President Obama has shown no regard for the Cuban people and specially the dissidents.

What a travesty.