Learning English with The Donna Reed Show

Back in the early days of “el exilio,” we watched a lot of TV during snowstorms in Wisconsin. It was our family time between dinner and doing our homework. It also gave us a chance to translate for our mother, who found most of these shows very entertaining. My father had 2 jobs back then, so these TV shows kept my mother awake to welcome him home at night.

Today we remember the very popular Shelley Fabares, who was born in Santa Monica, California, on this day in 1944. For some of us, Shelley Fabares was Mary, the teen daughter in the very popular “The Donna Reed Show” of the 1960s. (You can still see the reruns, and it was an entertaining series) Mary was the 1960’s prototypical girl, from her attire to school friends and the guys asking for a date.

More recently, she was Christine in “Coach,” the funny TV comedy of a few years ago. Between “Donna Reed” and “Coach,” Shelley played different roles on TV and even made 3 movies with Elvis. She also recorded “Johnny Angel,” one of the biggest hits of the pre-Beatles era. It became one of the best-selling “teen girl loves high school boy” songs in pop music history.

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