“El Flake” and “El engineer” talk internet

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We learned on Babalu that Senator Flake of Arizona visited Cuba. According to the article, he was there with a businessman who wants the regime to allow internet companies to seek greater profits on the island.

Later, Senator Flake told reporters that Diaz-Canel understands the benefits that come from greater internet connectivity.

Well, that’s nice. We are so thrilled to hear that Cuba’s “engineer turned president” is fluent with the internet and the benefits of greater connectivity.

Of course, the problem is that everyone in Cuba knows the benefits of connectivity.

It means freedom.

It means that more Cubans will have a chance to “chat” with their families in the US or with each other in Cuba.

It means that government dissidents in point A can communicate with others in point B.

It means that free on-line newspapers can compete with the state media.

So everyone knows about the benefits. The problem is that the Cuban government understands the risks of letting people communicate.

Senator Flake should call for freedom in Cuba rather than give legitimacy to a man who was never elected and represents a one-party state.

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