El Profe Beto

Want to do something on Zoom next year?  How about taking a course from Beto? According to news reports, the former Congressman is now Professor O’Rourke at the LBJ School at The University of Texas:

O’Rourke will teach a seminar about the struggle for voting rights in Texas at the LBJ School for Public Affairs at the University of Texas starting in January, O’Rourke and school officials told the American-Statesman.

The class, titled Texas Democracy and the Fight for Representation, will examine democracy in action, Texas legislative policy and executive power, and the history of voter rights and voter participation in the state — while also unpacking the running of a political campaign in Texas.

O’Rourke said he wants to examine the tension in Texas, where a state that produced Lyndon Baines Johnson, signer of the 1965 federal Voting Rights Act, also remains in 2020, despite historic record turnout, “one of most restrictive states in terms of voter participation.”

What a bunch of crap about Texas.  Will anyone remind Beto that he spent millions of dollars, then got thousands to vote but still lost?  What about 2020, when Democrats once again spent millions but lost?

No one is stopping anyone from voting in Texas.  The issue is not restrictions, but rather the message, a message that Texas did not buy in 2020.

Wonder if Professor O’Rourke will roller-skate to class to cheers from sycophants?

Wonder if any student will ask Professor O’Rourke to comment on the Dallas Morning News editorial describing the party’s failure in 2020?  It was a disaster for Democrats in 2020 around here, and much of it has to be blamed on Beto moving the party to the crazy left.

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