Eric Adams, the abdicative mayor?

A few years ago, Frank Burke wrote a wonderful post here about President Obama’s managerial style.  He wrote that the abdicative manager flees from responsibility, is always out to lunch or away from the office when a tough decision has to be made.   He is the boss in title only!

Let’s look at Mayor Eric Adams of New York City.  He was elected on a get tough with crime agenda.  Unfortunately, he is distracted traveling to Puerto Rico and showing up at fancy parties.  Back home, the crime that he promised to tackle is out of control and residents keep getting a voice mail when they call the mayor.

Mayor Adams needs to focus on crime as Michael Goodwin wrote:    

Plain for all to see, he is taking his focus off the crucial war against crime that got him elected and is putting his attention on turning the city into a vast welcoming mat for foreign migrants.

With about 15,000 in New York already, he talks about having as many as 75,000 migrants living here and is building an enormous tent city at Orchard Beach in The Bronx.

Supposedly, new arrivals will stay there only for a few days until space opens in a city homeless shelter.

But that verges on delusional when there already are 58,000 people living in the shelters scattered around the city, a population that usually grows as the weather turns colder.

Why is Mayor Adams talking about migrants rather than crime?  Yesterday, I spoke with a friend in New York, who voted for Adams and who is totally disappointed.  He concludes that Mayor Adams is frustrated with a city council on board with the left-wing policies protecting criminals rather than citizens.  Furthermore, the governor won’t fire the DAs who are putting these people back in the street.  So the mayor won’t fight the city council or even a very unpopular governor.  My guess is that many New Yorkers would love to see a little backbone from a mayor who fights for them, not one who loves parties.

He has fled from responsibilities and focuses on issues that did not get him elected. He looks like a man who wants another job. 

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