Estela Raval: 1935-2012 (A musical memory “para los viejos”)

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As a young boy in Cuba, and later in the US, I remember hearing “Quiereme Siempre” on the radio or my parents’ turntable.

It was the kind of “catchy song” that sort of stuck with you.  I think that they were personal favorites of my parents who used to enjoy them a lot.

My father told me that they were Los Cinco Latinos from Argentina and that Estela Raval was the lead vocalist.

The group was very popular in Cuba in the early 1960’s.   Los Cinco Latinos recorded Spanish versions of The Platters’ hits, such as “My prayer” and “Smoke gets in your eyes” plus Paul Anka’s “You are my destiny”.

In the late 1970s, I bought one of the LPs & learned a bit more about the group.  They’ve been one of my favorite Spanish speaking musical groups ever since.  I don’t think that they record anymore but their sound is great.

Estela Raval was born May 19, 1935 in Argentina.   She died on June 6, 2012.   Wonder what happened to the other four members?

The Cinco Latinos had great harmonies plus Estela’s very elegant good looks: