Fidel Castro would be proud of South Africa today

Remember all the speeches about apartheid? As I recall, Jesse Jackson got involved in South African politics. It was the issue of our time, as they often say. Remember Fidel Castro embracing Nelson Mandela?

For the record, apartheid was terrible and a correction was needed. However, it’s hard to see what’s happening in South Africa today. The country is a financial mess and the extremes seem to be doing all the talking. 

This is the sad story:      

South Africa’s Marxist-Leninist political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend.  After the radical group’s demagogic leader emphasized, “We are with President Putin… We are Putin, and Putin is us, and… we are not with the USA,” Julius Malema led nearly 100,000 of his followers in singing the anti-white hate song, “Dubul’ ibhunu,” known as “Shoot to kill, kill the Boer, kill the farmer”.

Video of the bloodthirsty chant at the FNB Stadium, complete with gun sounds, has gone viral, prompting outrage and concern from the world’s richest man, South African Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who wrote, “They are openly pushing for genocide of white people in South Africa.”

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