First Hispanics, now Asians

Once upon a time, Ruy Teixeira was the darling of the left, and specially the “demographics is destiny” wing of the Democrat party. This is because Ruy once predicted that Hispanics would eventually make the Democrats a permanent majority. That was then and this is now, as a smart man once said.

This is what Mr. Tiexeira is writing these days:    

The Democrats’ problems with Hispanic voters are, at this point, well-known and well-documented. But what of Asian voters, the other fast-growing part of the nonwhite population? A close look at political trends suggests that here too a problem could be emerging.

Tiexeira points out that it’s all about message with both groups:   

So what’s going on? Why are these voters slipping away from the Democrats? 

One problem is that Asians are worried about public safety and leery of a Democratic party that has become associated with “defund the police” and a soft approach to containing crime. 

Another is that Asians, like Hispanics, are a constituency that does not harbor particularly radical views on the nature of American society and how it must be remade to cleanse it of intrinsic racism and white supremacy, a viewpoint increasingly identified with Democrats. They are far more interested in how they and their families can get ahead in actually-existing American society.

Who knew that Asians, like Hispanics, would be worried about public safety?

My personal experience is that Asians are super education conscious.   Have you been to a high school graduation lately?   I’d bet you a coffee that one of the three top students is Asian.   I’ll bet you a second cup that you will see a huge family contingency cheering their son or daughter like he won the Super Bowl.

The Democrats, or at least the modern version of the party, seems to be interested in giving people diplomas whereas Asians are more interested in telling their kids to earn theirs.

Who knew that Asians and Hispanics were conservative, pro-family, pro-educational excellence, and super pro-American?   I always did and that’s because I grew up in a family like that.   

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