Ginger Rogers and El Hotel Riviera in Havana, Cuba

We remember Virginia Katherine McMath who was born in Missouri on this day in 1911 and died in 1995. We knew her as Ginger Rogers, the famous movie star. Ginger found huge success dancing with Fred Astaire in films like “Flying Down to Rio” (1933), “Roberta” (1935) and “Top Hat” (1935). 

Growing up, I saw family photos of my mom and her sister Lidia in Ciego de Avila. I was always impressed with my aunt’s elegance and hair styles. My mother would always smile and say that her sister wanted to look like Ginger Rogers. Honestly, she did. 

A few days ago, I was looking at some internet images of pre-Castro Cuba and learned that Ginger Rogers had dedicated El Hotel Riviera in Havana

It was actually near where we lived and another reason to remember my late aunt on her favorite’s birthday.

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