Governor Abbott is right about ‘el culto de Beto’

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Governor Greg Abbott and challenger Miss Lupe Valdez had a debate on Friday. It was boring — and I like politics. My guess is that Governor Abbott will maintain his strong lead on Miss Valdez. She made a big deal about arming teachers but didn’t really explain how we’d protect kids in schools.

Governor Abbott was back in the news when he spoke of the “cult of Beto”. This is what he said on Fox:

“He’s been a cult-like, very popular figure the way that he’s run the campaign, but you don’t vote on cult, you don’t vote on personality when you get to the U.S. Senate. You vote on the issues,” Abbott said on “Fox & Friends.”

Abbott was critical of O’Rourke’s liberal policy views, saying Texas voters won’t approve of “George Soros policies” such as higher taxes.

“Texans are hostile to any candidate who’s talking about raising their taxes,” he said. “Texans are hostile to anybody talking about big government programs run their lives.”

Abbott likened this year’s U.S. Senate race in Texas to his own campaign four years ago against Democrat Wendy Davis, who he noted also gained national attention before losing by roughly 20 percentage points in the general election.

Governor Abbott is right about two things:

1) I have seen the reactions to Beto and it is madness. A voter told me recently that Beto is the future. She couldn’t really say anymore than that; and,

2) O’Rourke does remind us of Miss Wendy Williams in 2014. As I recall, she got lots of money from outside of Texas.

The cult of Beto is something to worry about. It shows me that some voters in this country are just making emotional choices rather than seriously looking at the candidates and what in the world they stand for.

Cruz will win, but Betomania speaks volumes about what is happening on the other side.

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