Grenada 1983: A victory for the good guys and a big defeat for Cuba’s Castro

36 years ago this week, President Reagan invaded Grenada

It turned out to be a major victory against Fidel Castro and prevented the USSR from having another strategic piece of real estate over here.

Grenada was a small island where some U.S. citizens were attending medical school. Most people had never heard of Grenada or the Cuban efforts to turn the island into a communist beachhead, an important runway for Soviet MiGs. 

However, the Reagan administration had their eye on Grenada for some time. They knew the strategic importance of Grenada and its proximity to the Panama Canal.     

We also learned on this week in 1983 how foreign policy can force itself on the agenda.  

In Grenada, we saw President Reagan as the competent leader of the free world, or a man unwilling to let the USSR gain a strategic foothold over here. I

t was quite a week for leadership, President Reagan and the U.S. 

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