Happy #81, Campy

We remember Bert “Dagoberto (Blanco)” Campaneris, who was born in Pueblo Nuevo, Cuba on this day in 1942. It’s easy to overlook how great Campy really was.  He batted first and a critical component of the Oakland A’s who won 3 straight World Series titles, 1972-1973-1974.

During his great career, he had 2,249 hits and 646 stolen bases. His batting average of .259 was quite respectable for a shortstop of that era, or a time when most of them were known for their glove and legs rather than bat.

Campaneris played in 7 post-season series and was in the middle of everything, as Charlie Finley said:    

“You can talk about Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, and Sal Bando, all those great players, but it was Campy who made everything go.

Indeed he was!

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