Happy #84 Pedro Ramos

We remember Pedro Ramos, who was born in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, on this day in 1935.

Ramos was 19 when he made his debut in 1955. He went on to win 83 games over 7 seasons.   He completed 62 starts and threw 1,614 innings. We would call that today an “innings eater.”

He was a good pitcher but he never got to pitch for a team with much of a record. 

Ramos finally made it to the Yankees in 1964-66 and saved 39 games.     

Unfortunately, the Yankees went into decline in 1965 and did not return to the post season until 1976. So Ramos never got to pitch in The World Series!

Happy birthday to Pedro Ramos, a pretty good pitcher and another pride of Havana!

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