Happy Presidents’ Day

It’s difficult to pick a favorite president because we tend to focus on the ones that we remember. In our case, it’s Cold War or recent presidencies. Nevertheless, I will try to look at past and recent history. My five picks for best presidents are:

  1. George Washington-—the US was lucky to have this man at the very foundation of the republic. Most new countries go wrong from the very beginning. On the other hand, the US had the proper man at the right moment.
  2. Abraham Lincoln—-who else? He kept this nation together. It’s sad because no one appreciated him during his presidency.
  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt-—great leader. He made people feel better during The Great Depression that saw huge levels of unemployment. Also, FDR saw evil in Europe and confronted it.
  4. Dwight Eisenhower-—as they say, he gets better with age. His steady leadership was exactly what the country needed after Korea and World War II.
  5. Ronald Reagan-—the great communicator and the one who inspired so many to become conservatives.

Honorable mention to George W. Bush, who was brilliant after 9-11, Gerald Ford for taking over after the Nixon resignation, Harry Truman for enacting the policy of containing communism and Donald Trump for being realistic about the threat of an unaccountable bureaucracy.

Overall, the US has been very lucky with the integrity of its presidents.

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