Yes, President Obama should have spoken to Univision, but…

Jorge Ramos of Univision was right when he “…took to Twitter to call out Obama for not including Univision in his big pre-Syria address media blitz, calling it a wasted opportunity.”

It’s true.  I agree with Jorge Ramos!

President Obama should have spoken to Unvision because there are thousands of Hispanics serving in the armed forces. Their parents, and older grandparents, would benefit from hearing their president in a Spanish interview.

You can put my mother in that group since we have a son in the US Army.

Furthermore, some of Univision’s affiliates, such as Channel 23 in Dallas, have huge audiences for their newscasts.

So why didn’t he?

First, he remembers his trip to Univision last September. It was not pretty.  He was confronted with difficult questions about Benghazi, “Fast & Furious” and others.  Also, he does not want to talk about immigration reform.   It’s going to be very difficult to deliver immigration reform with so many Democrats facing a tough reelection.

Add the recent “job reports” and it will be very hard to legalize people competing with US workers out of work!

Second, President Obama is gambling that Hispanics won’t punish him for skipping the Spanish speaking networks.

Frankly, Hispanics have not punished him so far despite some incredibly lackluster results!

For example, he never proposed immigration reform despite huge Democrat majorities.  Yet, they still voted for him!

Unemployment in Hispanic districts is bad, i.e. “si se puede” really means “no se puede” when it comes to looking for work.  Yet, he is still popular!

And check out the lousy public schools in our inner cities.

How bad are the public schools in our big cities?  Well,  the Obama daughters went to private schools in Chicago and continued that tradition when they moved to Washington DC.

Today’s Democrat party has a simple message:  Private schools for the children of Obama, Biden, Kerry, Gore and the Clintons.  Public schools for you who keep reelecting us!

The Obama White House is betting that Hispanics won’t care that he doesn’t care about them.

Sadly, the White House has been winning that bet for 5 years!

Unfortunately, there are too many Hispanics too happy to hear meaningless “5 de Mayo” speeches rather than expect results from this president.

We repeat: Why should President Obama care about people who will carry his water no matter what he does?

Hispanics need to learn an important lesson or they won’t ever be an electoral factor in US politics. There is more to being relevant than demographics!

There are two kinds of voters in the world:

a) automatic voters….politicians remember those on Election Day;
and more importantly,
b) independent voters…..those are the ones that you court and pay attention to.

Unfortunately, there are too many Hispanos voting automatically for Obama and that’s why he takes them for granted.

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